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The One Practice That Helped Me Stop Listening to Others and Live My Dream Life

The One Practice That Helped Me Stop Listening to Others and Live My Dream Life
Thanks to skyrocketing technology and the boom of the internet over the last few decades we now live our lives constantly plugged in. Plugged in to the television, to music, to the radio, texting, Facebook, social media. The list goes on and on. In some ways being constantly plugged in is great. We know what's happening anywhere in the world at all times and have instant access to our family, friends and colleagues, who may not always be near by. But is being so plugged in really a good thing? A few years ago I was so plugged in to what others thought that I lost sight of myself. My life and career were wrapped up in ridiculous standards set by everyone other than me. I was overworked, stressed, anxious and really unhappy. Then the bubble broke. How did it break exactly? I started meditating. Meditating changed my life and I know it can change yours. Starting my meditation practice not only helped me get outside of my own head, it helped me honor my truth. The more I meditated the stronger my intuition became and the less I found myself acting out of fear. Fear is a big drug that can rule your life for a long time if you let it. Meditation teaches you to look inward rather than outside of yourself. And once you know how to do that you realize that you don't need the opinion or advice of others as much as you thought you did. Frankly, you might not even want it anymore because self acceptance and confidence will become more appealing than fear and doubt. For me, meditating regularly gave me permission to shut out outside influences and instead focus on myself. I discovered that my internal desires were different from what others wanted or expected of me. In fact, I'm completely different from the person that I was 10 years ago. I've learned to follow my gut and honor my decisions. I now have deeper friendships, a better relationship with my family and a career I actually love. And I have my meditation practice to thank. Being constantly plugged in to your friends, family and the rest of the world can make you feel uncertain, afraid and insecure. Developing a meditation practice will help you develop an inner knowing so that you can finally stop looking outside of yourself for answers. You are wonderful just the way you are and don't need anyone else's justification to see it. The meditation below is short, sweet and will take you less than five minutes every morning to complete. After you meditate it's a good idea to have a pen and paper handy in case you want to jot down any thoughts or ideas. Over time you'll notice an undeniable change in your spirit and your meditation notebook will help you keep track of that journey. Some things to write down are how you feel before and after meditation and whether or not you notice a difference throughout your day. Are you more focused? Has your relationship with your friends gotten better? Is your rapport with your significant other improving? Did you finally decide to leave your job? Tree Grounding Meditation 1. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and close your eyes. 2. Imagine there are roots growing out of your body, sinking you into the ground. 3. Picture your body slowly transforming into a tree, your limbs planting deeply into the ground, and your body growing branches. 4. Imagine roots extending from the soles of your feet and going deep into the earth’s core. 5. Try to feel the support of the earth in your body as much as possible. Sit here with your eyes closed for as long as you can. Then slowly open your eyes. Meditating regularly has been proven to reduce stress, ease anxiety, improve sleep and assist in greater focus throughout the day. If you're not sure whether or not you're ready to begin a meditation practice, ask yourself this: Are you ready for an amazing change? If the answer is yes, stop what you're doing and take the time to sit down and meditate. Your soul will thank you. Want more? You might also like: Want to Feel Good? Do These 4 Simple Practices Daily Dear Former Depressed, Self-Loathing Me: You Found Meditation Just In Time To Anyone Suffering from Depression or Anxiety: This Doctor Has 10 Natural Remedies to Help You Take Control How My Anxiety Disorder Transformed My Relationship with Food
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