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I Was Shocked at How This Powerful Practice Helped Heal My Hashimoto's

I Was Shocked at How This Powerful Practice Helped Heal My Hashimoto&aposs
When I was suffering with chronic Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis, I discovered an unlikely yet extremely powerful tool that helped me overcome many of my most uncomfortable chronic symptoms: meditation. It was so transformative for me that I hope by sharing this story, it may inspire and empower others with thyroid and autoimmune conditions to give it a try. Every day that I was ill, I felt like a patient. I was given a strict regimen of supplements and pills just to function. I woke up foggy and puffy, and eventually I forgot what it was like to feel “normal.” I thought I might never feel normal again — until I discovered meditation. This ancient healing practice changed everything. Mind-body medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotions to control physical health. The human body is a mirror of what’s going on inside of your head — it can often become chronically sick without a mind focused on health and happiness. Simply channeling your mind to influence your body can be one of the greatest forces for health and longevity. While the standard nutritional and supplementation protocol suggested by your medical practitioner is important, it may be even more valuable to align your mind with a state of healing to recover quickly and strongly. I’ve discovered that meditation is essential to healing, especially when coupled with other mind-body therapies and practices, like yoga. It helps maintain a balance in the body which is absolutely essential when healing an internal condition such as thyroid dysfunction or an autoimmune disease. Engaging in a daily meditation routine keeps you mindful and self-aware, allowing you to not only be in the present with yourself, but love and accept yourself for who you are. With this self-love, your body will naturally gravitate towards healing foods, exercise and daily movement, and a lifestyle that will help you feel alive, healthy, vibrant and wonderful. You will gravitate towards the means to keep your body alive, prevent sickness, and experience a profound mind-body connection. During the silent moments in meditation, we become in tune with ourselves while gaining a sense of trust in making our own decisions, and being proactive in our self-healing. Through my own journey to achieve wellness, mediation ultimately helped me choose the practices that allow me to be the glowing, luminous woman I am today. The healthy, plant-based diet I eat, the green juices I drink, and the natural supplements I take have become second nature. I embody health, balance and beauty on a cellular level. There is nothing more important than sincerely believing that the healthy treatments and practices you choose will work. Your belief sets the intention. From that intention the healing process occurs, and then a disease-free state can manifest in your mind and body. Meditation will help set that healing intention. During meditation, you have the power to switch your subconscious thoughts moment-to-moment from a state of fear, self-doubt, insecurity, blame, and judgment, to a place of acceptance and love. By transmuting the energy, you have the power to remove any resistance that may be causing a discord during the healing process. Meditation is potent! I encourage you to ask yourself these questions: What about my thought patterns, personal journey, struggles, and life has prevented me from accomplishing true health? How much energy would I free up if I didn't constantly worry or project judgment, self-doubt and blame on myself for my condition? This energy, once removed from the negative thought patterns, can be transformed to actually heal your body, remove the blockages in your digestive organs, and strengthen your lymphatic system! This is precisely why when we're stressed; we get bloated and have trouble assimilating our food, and often get sick. Everything is energy! For five minutes, visualize yourself in perfect health and happiness and recognize how it feels in your body. With your eyes closed, focus on watching your breath travel up your body as a channel of white light from the base of your spine to the crown of your head as you inhale, and then watch it travel back down as you exhale. Invite each breath to send more healing energy throughout your body. Daily meditation helped me send love and healing light to my thyroid rather than negativity and disdain for being “broken.” Hopefully, you too can release the energy that has been suppressed within your thyroid and internal organs through this powerful practice.

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