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Why Nikki Sharp Doesn’t Diet Anymore

Through the years I’ve experimented with just about every diet; you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve done raw, vegan, Paleo, juiced, Master Cleanses...and every other diet or eating trend out there. Eventually I realized that there is no right “diet” for me or for all of us. I’ve learned that my health journey is different from everyone else’s, and I need to follow my own path. We all have to learn to listen to our bodies and our minds to figure out the eating style that works best for us. Like all things on this planet, our bodies and minds are forever changing and adapting. When I was younger, I ate a lot of meat, chicken, dairy, and not enough fruit. Over the years, by listening to my body and learning about the importance of good nutrition, I’ve changed how and what I eat. Now, I simply just don’t crave or love the same foods that I ate when I was younger. Think to when you were a kid and hated anything green. These days most of us know that green foods are healthy, and we try to eat vegetables regularly (hopefully at least once a day!) You might actually enjoy your veggies now-especially since there are so many great ways to make healthy and delicious food. What a drastic change, right? After experimenting with all different ways of eating, I’ve decided that I don’t want to classify myself as following a certain diet or not eating a certain “anything” forever. Most of the time, I eat a lot of plant based foods: quinoa, lentils, beans, vegetables, and fruit (I have a real obsession with dates!) But I drink alcohol, occasionally eat meat and pastured eggs, and even enjoy a little cheese from time to time. I just make sure that everything I eat is of the best quality, organic when possible, and not processed whatsoever. But that’s me. You have to figure out what’s right for you. I understand how hard it can be to know what to eat, especially with so many trends becoming popular every few months. But really, who cares if a famous celebrity is promoting a certain diet? It doesn’t mean that it’s the best thing for you or your body or that you have to like that way of eating. What about all those trendy people on Instagram promoting their ways of eating? Go ahead, follow them if you like their beautiful photos, but just don’t let their message confuse who you are. We are all unique human beings. We live in different parts of the world, grow up with different cultures and traditions, and enjoy different local foods. Don’t judge what others eat and don’t try to push what you eat onto others. Make the best decisions for your body and listen to what it’s saying. Just enjoy your life and eat food that makes you feel good both inside and out. Need an extra boost to make your daily meals more healthy and satisfying? Click here to get Further Collagen today! Interested in reading more about eating healthy without a label? Check out the book Eat For Health! Want to read more? Trying to Lose Weight? 5 Reasons to Use Collagen Protein for Appetite Control My Journey To Become Deliciously Obsessed with Real Food Sick of Dieting? Here’s the Real Secret to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

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