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Apple and Peanut Butter Smoothie


Apples and peanut butter are such a great and healthy snack. Why not make a smoothie out of this delicious combo and make it into a breakfast smoothie. It’s creamy, sweet and a quick breakfast option. The Further Food Collagen provides lots of benefits, including helping to strengthen hair and nails. And it can help keep you full longer!

Further Food Commentary:

Flax seeds (aka linseeds), mostly used as a ground powder, can aid in the digestion function and reduce the risk for heart disease, type II diabetes, and cancer. A 1 ounce/3 tablespoon serving of flax seed provides 6338 mg of omega 3 fatty acids, 8 g fiber, 6 g protein and a bounty of vitamin B1, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium.

Although they are native to South America, peanuts have made their way through the American diet and are one of the most grown crops in the United States. A serving of 2 tablespoons contains 188 calories, 7.7 g of protein - which helps keep your tissues strong and promotes immune function - as well as 16 g of fat, a concentrated source of energy. Be mindful that some brands contain additives (e.g. sugar) that can lower the nutritional value of food. It's best to opt for 'natural' brands that are minimally processed and do not contain (partially) hydrogenated oils.

By Nikki Nies, MS,RD, LD


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