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Weeknight Sweet Potato Ground Beef Salad with Guacamole (AIP, Paleo)

easy-weeknight-sweet-potato-ground-beef-veal-salad-topped-guacamole AIP recipe paleo diet post cross fit dinner ghee avocado

The Hubster and I needed a quick meal for after CrossFit Tuesday nights. One evening, I threw together some leftover potatoes, ground meat and guacamole and dumped it all over some lettuce. Surprisingly, it was delicious and has become one of our favorite meals we look forward to eating every week!

Further Food Commentary:

This simple yet filling dinner has all of the necessary pieces to a healthy meal — healthy fat (avocados), protein (ground meat), complex carbohydrates (sweet potatoes) and vegetables (green onion and lettuce) — and packs tons of flavor to satisfy and re-fuel even the hungriest of eaters! Plus, throwing this dish over a salad increases the volume of the food without upping the calorie content. This dish is great because it is so versatile; you can try to make it with other proteins, complex carbs, and add in tons of veggies to change it up, all while keeping it gluten-, dairy-, egg-, nightshade-, peanut-, tree nut-, seafood-, seed-, and soy-free.

By Samantha Bernstein Gordon, RD


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