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Powerhouse Butternut Squash, Carrot, Red Lentil Soup

Powerhouse Butternut Squash, Carrot, Red Lentil Soup

I like to tell my foodie friends that this is the most mouth-watering delicious and most healthy butternut soup you’ll ever have. Don’t believe me? Try it! I bet you’ll fall in love.

Like traditional recipes, butternut squash is the foundation of the soup, but carrots give it sweetness and the lentils a satisfying protein boost. The Superfood Turmeric and spices like cumin and cayenne give it a wonderful depth of flavor.

Looking for an easy weeknight dinner? This is my lazy girls’ answer to a one-stop soup meal. This is SO easy to make! The hardest part for me is the peeling and chopping of the butternut squash, so I cheat and buy the pre-cut version at the store.

Alternatively, if you’re doing meal-prep, it’s versatile enough that you can make a big batch on Sunday, have it for dinner and pack it for lunch during the week. I find that this gets better a day or two after it’s made! How’s that for meal-prep made easy?

If you’re trying to watch your weight this is a must have soup for you. This soup is chocked full of fiber, protein, and slow-burning…it will keep you full longer.

Further Food Commentary:

This soup provides so many nutritional benefits! Not only is the squash flesh rich in soluble fiber to help lower cholesterol for heart health, the seeds are rich in iron, potassium, zinc and insoluble fiber to help prevent constipation .

And did you know that the darker the flesh of the squash the more beta-carotene it provides? Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A, which plays important roles in healthy cell function, bone growth and immune function.

If you’re sensitive to onions and garlic (IBS & IBD folks), just take them out. The soup will still be amazing.

By Amanda Bontempo, MS, RD, CDN


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