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Spicy Mexican Fish Fillets with Rice and Beans

Spicy Mexican Fish Fillets with Rice and Beans Gluten Free Diabetes Friendly|Spicy Mexican Fish Fillets with Rice and Beans Gluten Free Diabetes Friendly||Spicy Mexican Fish Fillets with Rice and Beans Gluten Free Diabetes Friendly

Some friends recently visited and not only graced us with their brilliant company but made fish tacos and sides that sent us over the moon! It inspired me to replicate the meal but with precious little time on a weeknight, I decided to make some short cuts and also adapt the meal into a gluten-free and diabetes friendly version. The dinner was well received – my family says that this should become a once-a-week staple. That’s high praise! The spice mix includes Superfood Turmeric which is a tasty blend of anti-inflammatory spices that will amp up the taste and health benefits of this dish.

Note: If you’re trying to limit your rice intake, try Maria Ruiz’s recipe for Cauliflower “Rice,” with beans for a lower-carb but high protein option.

Further Food Commentary:

Rice and beans, when eaten in moderation and as part of a meal with the fish and a salad, can be diabetes friendly. With fiber as part of the total carbohydrate content, the average diabetic adhering to the usual recommendation of 45-60 grams carbohydrate per meal will be well within the parameters.

If you eat meat, it’s important to have variety and include fish in your repertoire of entrees. It is generally lower in fats, calories and cholesterol than beef or chicken, and is a good source of protein, selenium, vitamin D and B-12. Fattier fish like salmon and mackerel are loaded with good for you Omega-3s. As with all foods, moderation is key as fish can also harbor higher concentrations of mercury and arsenic than land-based animals. Sourcing fish from responsible sources is one way to minimize this issue.

By Karen Tayeh, Nutritionist


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