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The Biggest Lesson My Parents Taught Me When My Health Was at Risk

The Biggest Lesson My Parents Taught Me When My Health Was at Risk
I am so appreciative of my parents. From the time I was young, they taught me that I can do and be anything I set my mind to. When you hear that as a kid, you dream big. Maybe you aspire to become a doctor (I did get a PhD) or hike mountains (I’ve done that, too). Even more importantly for me, though, embracing that I-can-do-anything mindset has pushed me not to view my health issues as limitations. While there have been times that migraines, vertigo, fatigue, joint pain or other symptoms have slowed me down, I have never given them the power to control what I do and don’t do. Through every accomplishment, every adventure and every mile I’ve run, I’ve not only had my parents’ blessings but their enthusiastic cheers from the sidelines. The best thing they did was raise me as they would any child — they never saw my health conditions as something that defined me. Along the way on my personal journey toward healing, I’ve also been able to pass little nuggets I’ve learned about health and nutrition on to my parents. My dad has become a fan of dandelion-chicory blend instead of his daily morning coffee. My mom hits the gym every day and stocks the pantry with chia seeds. They both love spiralized zucchini pasta! And they’re always sharing my personal and professional exploits with anyone who will listen. Not only do I feel good about influencing their health, but their pride in what I do fuels my own passion for wellness, knowing I have become a role model to them as much as they have been to me. I can’t thank them enough, but with each day that I feel well and inspired and motivated, I hope my appreciation for how they’ve helped me heal — and live — shows. BE HEALTHY EVERY DAY with Further Food Collagen Peptides! Collagen heals your body from the inside out. Learn more here! Join our Free Collagen Breakfast Challenge and WIN a 3-month supply of Further Food Collagen Sign up here! Want more? You might also like: Success Story: Curing My Patient’s Lupus, Leaky Gut, Depression, Brain Fog….Starting at the Gut My Story: Changing My Diet Got Me Off My Lupus, PCOS, & Hypothyroidism Medications Recipe: Mung Bean and Sweet Potato Stew Recipe: Cantaloupe and Fig Green Spoonie Recipe: Tomato, White Bean Soup with Arugula and Poached Egg
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