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9 Gluten-Free Goodies That Will Wow This Holiday Season

Holiday desserts are my raison d’etre: from gingerbread and sugar cookies eaten by the dogs off the Christmas tree to the annual appearance of cousin Geoff’s apricot brandy cake. Yet these days, it seems even the dogs are unable to handle gluten. It’s time to re-think our seasonal desserts so they can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you’re baking for a party, putting goodies together as a gift or leaving out a plate for Santa, making your treats gluten-free is great for all. 1. Lemon Coconut Power Bites: Gluten and chocolate not your thing? No worries, we’ve got you covered. These lemon coconut bites offer a refreshing, nourishing nibble. Loaded up with cashews, almonds, coconut, oats, and lemon zest, they’re sure to brighten up any holiday potluck. Lemon Coconut Power-Bites (raw, vegan, gluten-free) dates cashews almonds oats recipe diabetes friendly diet heart healthy foods 2. 4-Ingredient Chocolate Cookies: Crunch... crunch... gone! These easy, decadent cookies are sure to disappear quickly. No worries though, if you run out you can bake a new batch in 15 minutes flat! 3. Chocolate Sweet Potato Donuts: Want a recipe that will really wow? People won’t believe you actually made these. With ingredients like almond flour, sweet potato, honey and coconut oil, this recipe results in a delicious, seasonal treat. Bonus: they’re diabetic-friendly and paleo! gluten free dairy free paleo sweet potato doughnuts 4. Open-Faced S’mores: Looking for something to roast over that open fire other than chestnuts? So was I. Then, I found these: s’mores with bacon and crystallized ginger. They are a joy to the world (and your tummy)! 5. Lemon Crepe Cake: This lovely, lemony recipe is sure to make faces pucker with delight. Layer upon layer of this cake will disappear before your guests layer up to go outside again. crepecakeinside 6. Oatmeal Banana Cookies: Oh no! Your significant other didn’t tell you you have a holiday potluck to attend tonight? Everything is closed because it’s the holidays and you’ve got nothing in your fridge or pantry? Step 1: mash bananas. Step 2: mix in oats. Step 3: breathe. Two-ingredient cookies are on the way! 7. 5-Ingredient Ferrero Rochers: With so few ingredients, you’ll still have plenty of time to get through the rest of your holiday cooking. Besides, is there ever a time when chocolate and hazelnuts don’t collide in incredible goodness? Box some up as a special gift or wrap up a few as an unexpected stocking stuffer! 5-ingredient-ferrero-rochers-raw-recipe-hazlenuts-cacao-vanilla-diabetes-diet 8. Spicy Chocolate Chili Pepper Bark: Keep things hot in the freezing cold with this spicy chocolate bark. A quick gift for those chocolate lovers in your life! 9. 5 Ingredient Almond Cake: This cake is a tender addition to any holiday table. Almond meal, eggs and maple syrup are the essential ingredients here. Feel free to deck it out with some chopped fruit too! Fa la la la yum. 5 Ingredient Grain-Free Gluten Free Almond Cake You Might Also Like: Feeling Negative? It’s OK. 3 Simple Ways to Feel Better Today Got Diabetes? 12 Amazing Superfoods You Need to Eat Now 10 Surefire Diet Tips For Relieving Endometriosis Pain DIY Holiday Gifts: Orange Pistachio Honey with Cinnamon Note: PLEASE consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medications. The material on this site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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